Huawei Future?

Huawei Future?

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You probably already heard about Huwaei Banned in the US. As a result of that with including Google, many companies refused to work with Huawei. Its gained a massive effect on worldwide Huawei users. Huawei recently stopped new 5g Huwawei mobile device launch and Laptop launch due to inability to supply.Huawei

How Huawei Compete in the market without Google and Android?

Huwaei Stated new secret operation in Shang-sang in 2012. There were many meetings held with high-level Huawei executives regarding the launch own operating system. They early identified the current threat from the US. They already decided and worked to prevent that threat and decided to further not depends on Google’s Android operating system.huawei vs Google

Ark OS

Within a month they created a top secret zone to work on the project called Ark Os. Consider about the confidential level of this project, 24 hours guards are providing the security and no one can use personal mobile phones inside this zone. Unfortunately, Huawei still unable to launch this project. but this Operating system is very real.
They are going to launch 2 systems. One for China its called HongMang OS.other one is Oak Os it is for global.
The most interesting thing is that they said the new operating system is 60% faster than the Android operating system.Ark Os

One thing, Still this new Operating system not ready. However, Huawei gave the priority to this Ark Os Project.because the whole market will depend on the success of the project. Huawei announces they launch new own operating system before the end of this year.

There has been a slight relief however, as on May 20 the US Commerce Department issued a transitory permit for Huawei to work with organizations in the US, which means US organizations can continue associations with the brand on a transient premise.

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