Programmatic Advertising and Realtime Bidding Auction

Programmatic Advertising and Realtime Bidding Auction

Marketing, it identifies as customers needs and wants then serve them to the best way, with generating profit to the organization.this is the general idea of the whole marketing concept.

According to Philip Kotler, human finished two main eras of marketing. Kotler talks about Marketing 3.0 of his latest book.

Marketing 3.0

Here, consider customers emotional and rational needs and wants with engaged customers do the best for them. Internet is the platform to deliver this concept and execute this concept. People create new conversations about products and services via social media. the important thing is people trust each other than the marketers.

Paid Advertising

Google ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads and so and so the ways of now marketers use to get reach to the organization as the marketing objectives. Google ads provide oven platform to show ads on google partners websites including youtube. Facebook also facilitated to create ads and boost on facebook own social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp. the issue is still the owners of the ad platforms unable to execute native language ads on their channels. The programmatic came to fix these kinds of issues of the internet advertising industry.

Programmatic advertising

The programmatic general meaning is, buying software for purchasing digital advertising space on the internet without human negotiation. the simple term is using machines to buy ads.

As an example, think you are the owner of a soft drink company and you have are going to advertise a product on selected digital platforms. the traditional process of this you need to get a quote from website or app owners to direct place the ads. this process is very long and costly and also the result can’t predict easily. some times your ROI not good as you think because of the reach is not the conversations.

In the programmatic version, the owner can directly work with publishes like Doubleclick with the estimated outcome for the agreed budget. here Adpublisher works as intermediary and they have connections with selected website and app owners. then they allocate space and time for the client’s ads. however, it is costly but not much like the previous way of direct placement.

programmatic Flow

Realtime Bidding Auction

In this programmatic ad its run based on real-time bidding auction. according to the previous example, the soft drink owner has 100$ for his online advertising budget. he expects over 1Mn impressions from 18-45 male age group around NewYork city. the ad is related to energy soft drink content.

the client pays money to DSP or Ad agency to execute ads based on age, gender, location and content. the agency has a connection with various websites/marketers. then concern about clients requirements and the data privacy matter of the websites, some website taking out. because of some website are not exposed to some critical data to the use of outsiders. especially age and gender data. finally, they have filtered and most relevant websites to show clients ads on the websites. then start bidding auction for the ads. if someone bid 1.50$ for ads and another one bid 2.0$, then according to auction second bid wins the auction. after that, the winning websites show clients ads on the website.RBT

This process is complex and it’s run on a complex algorithm. but the client’s side it is very easy to send the message to right people, right time and low cost. that’s why programmatic advertising is the next level of online advertising. the important thing is these platforms facilitated to run native language ads on local websites as well. there are few renowned ad agencies listed below.

  1. Doubleclick
  2. Inmobi
  3. Smaato
  4. OpenX

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